What is in the trunk?

For most of us, life in younger days was like an open road trip.  The vehicle of our life has been through different landscapes and terrains. Sure enough, it was a mixed bag with some of them being spectacular, others being bit mediocre or completely forgettable. Varying experiences, events and different people on the way enriched our ride. Some of us have been fortunate that we did not have serious bumps or breakdowns on the way in the form of major losses, trauma, illnesses, or something of that sort.

The ride takes a serious turn when we reach around forty. The landscapes after that curve begin to look bit different. The major shift is that we can begin to see, at least vaguely, the end of the road. We begin to realise that this is no more an open road trip. Subsequently, we make the best efforts to look away from this sudden realisation by resorting to a few cosmetic changes. We make some efforts to stay and look young. We put up a face as if we do not care, and we give a false appearance that we are as happy as ever. But eventually the inevitable catches us up. We begin to ask questions like;


  • Where am I heading to?

  • What is the purpose of my trip, if at all there is one?


We begin to realize that we have been searching for something deeper and finer throughout our ride. We want to make something out of this trip. We explore different relationships, experiences, and adventures to make our life meaningful.

This sudden realization of the finiteness of our life presents a great opportunity. We can pause for a while and see what we have put in the trunk of our life. From our ride so far, we have accumulated a bag full of memories and experiences and they are lying in the trunk. Perhaps, it is time to unpack the bag and see what is inside. It might be helpful to get rid of, or at least deal with some of the difficult items in the bag. This is critically important to enjoy the rest of the ride. We want to lighten up our trunk so that the vehicle of our life is not weighed down by its weight. We also want to create space for new experiences and memories. Above all, we want to keep the passion and curiosity to make our ride even more interesting.  Our experiences so far have conditioned us to see the world in a particular way, some of them being very unhealthy depending on the quality and intensity of what we have been through so far. Therefore, pausing for a while and opening our trunk for a mid-course adjustment is certainly a wonderful gift that we can offer ourselves.

Happy are those who are willing to embrace the inevitable!