Life is like a Road Trip
When we are young, our life is like an open road trip.  The road seems endless and the sights along they way excite us. We stop here and there to absorb the beauty of everything around us. Well, for those of us who are fortunate enough, we do not face serious breakdowns on the way. 
But when we hit the middle age, we slowly come to realize that life is not an open trip trip. We begin to realize that it is not an endless trip. We can vaguely begin to see the end of the trip, the finishing point. That is when we begin to ask;
'Where am I going anyway?" 
'What is the purpose of this trip?'
The sites along the way do not excite us in the same fashion. The excitement that we gained through our senses from the external sources begin to diminish and we begin to look inward. We begin to search for;
The Search is inspired by our eternal quest; to make sense of our existence. The Search believes that our authentic happiness stems from knowing our truest self, the divine dimension that lies beyond the affairs of our mundane existence. The purpose of The Search is to serve those who are dare to look beyond the trap of our conditioned habits and patterns of behaviour.