All living beings strive for wholeness through healing

The search for wholeness is inherent in every being in the world. Whenever the physical body is hurt, it immediately strives to heal itself. It endeavours to achieve the lost harmony and equilibrium. It is true with plants and animals. This is the reason we go to physicians, psychiatrists, counsellors, therapists etc. We want to regain something that we have 'lost'. The whole cosmos too works on this principle. All the galaxies, planets, oceans etc exist on this principle of mutuality. Whenever we there is a disturbance on this, there are calamities. Now consider a workplace. Only when its employees, administration, human resources and many other factors are able to work together on principles of mutual respect, there is productivity. 

We are constantly searching to achieve this harmony in our life too. Our inherent state of equilibrium is disturbed with all the experiences that we have endured growing up. 

The Search is about our relentless quest to discover our truest self and find its expression. For most of us, our restless souls are trapped within the confines of our conditioned thinking, reactive patterns, pressure to conform to redundant standards & expectations... As years go by, even the sharpest defenses and distractions fade away and the question remains - 'what is my purpose here and now
We are restless.
We are constantly searching to make sense out of our existence.  The only  thing that differentiates each one of us is that we search in different ways and forms. Our relentless search has taken us far deep within the realm of consciousness to the outer space. 
What are we searching for? 
Searching for harmony, healing and equilibrium is fundamental to all living beings. Take a look at any living being. Whenever they are hurt, they always try to heal and come back to its original nature. Every living being is made up of different parts. All the parts in a living being function in a certain harmony and equilibrium. When the rhythm is disturbed, they always strive to achieve the lost harmony. We call it healing. We all search for that healing and harmony, at all levels of our existence (body, mind and spirit). We search for meaning and to be whole. We want to heal, grow and flourish. 
The Search is an attempt to support our search, both personal and collective, for healing, meaning and purpose. 
We are what we search for
The choices that we make today, and the quality of our thoughts and emotions are defined by what we are looking for in our life. The paths that we choose, the company that we keep, the books that we read, the songs that we listen to - everything encompasses within the realm of what we are seeking in our life.