Retire Radiant!


A lot of financial considerations go into retirement planning. So is a ‘list of activities’ to keep oneself busy and engaged. Talk about golfing and travelling! However, retirement offers a terrific opportunity to realise one’s potential as an agent of light and joy in the world. Realising this identity and living it should also be part of an authentic and holistic retirement planning. This targeted program is for those who have already retired and those who are looking to retire soon.


What can you expect?

  1. A Radiant Life: Going beyond the superficial ‘activity planning’ to keep oneself ‘engaged’, we look at the possibilities to lead a radiant and joyful life.

  2. Shedding the Illusions of Identity: With retirement some of us are challenged with ‘identity crisis’. Here we explore our true identity, the essence of who we are. Once we identify this, we can let go other identities that we may have acquired based on our work and achievements.

  3. Core Values for a Radiant Retired Life: Delving on the core values of Healing, True Surrender and Freedom, and integrating them as the central values of life ahead.

  4. It Is Not All Over! Can you believe there is so much joy ahead? Find it out!

  5. Art of Accepting the Uncertainties: Uncertainties are part of life and it only gets better with age! By having a healthy container of right perspectives and attitudes, we are better prepared.