Mid-life Magic: Unlocking the Possibilities of Mid-life


Mid-life is full of questions. As uncomfortable as they are, these questions are portals to get in touch with our true self and ‘calling’, but we silence them by keeping ourselves ‘busy’. This program is for anyone above the age of 35 looking to refresh, redefine and rejuvenate their life. With a combination of mindful exercises and explorative sessions we take a deep look at our priorities and expectations in life.


What can you expect?

  1. Success vs Failure: What is the true meaning of success in life? We critically look at this dualistic way of looking at life as a success or failure.

  2. Overcoming Resistance to Align with Life’s Flow: Life can be more fun and enjoyable when we are able to loosen the grip a bit and let Life guide us. Rigid and unexamined ideologies and belief systems are the biggest stumbling blocks to a prosperous life and healthy relationships.

  3. Identity Beyond Titles and Labels: Our essential identity is not tied to certain labels and degrees. Discovering our true identity helps us to let go unwanted weight from our shoulders and lighten up our life.

  4. Refreshing the Internal Software: We identify our worldview, belief systems and the story that we have developed for ourselves. This will help us identify those drives, wants and motives that are actually guiding our life.

  5. Living from Inside Out: We discover and strengthen our internal resources, the well-spring, to find the energy to lead the rest of our life. We understand the futilities of external validation.

  6. A Zestful Life: We embrace life with purpose, meaning and mission – no more boredom!