Let the Universe be Your Stage

If our lives can be compared to a drama wherein different scenes are ceaselessly unfolding, then what is our stage?

For most of us, the stage is limited to our workplace, family or relationship, religion, politics, or the ethnicity. Depending on the stage, our lives are defined and limited by what is happening in those areas.

Disappointments are guaranteed if we look to derive life’s true purpose, meaning and satisfaction from any of these. We find ourselves caught up in an unhealthy workplace or being dissatisfied with unfulfilling relationships. On a slightly bigger stage of identity politics, we eventually begin to realize that what matters here is not really the well-being of all, but it’s a big powerplay.

But, what if we let the universe be our stage? Gradually a shift occurs. As the Universe is infinite, so are our possibilities. It is not worth to waste our entire life fighting a toxic workplace, trying to ‘fix’ an unfulfilling relationship or to be caught up in the quagmire of endless identity politics based on religion, politics and culture.  It is quite easy to be trapped in a ‘victim’ narrative and derive some existential meaning out of this. We must certainly continue to work in these areas, but from a much bigger and wider platform. Then, what is happening in these areas become just a few scenes as opposed to be the entire drama of life. When we let universe be our stage, everything has a place including the pesky neighbour and the stars lighting up the sky.  In that stage, ‘everything belongs’, and we dream big.    

Those leaders and visionaries who changed the world for better always had a bigger platform upon which they fought their battles.