Human suffering is unavoidable.

It can be transcended when we are able to find The Sacred which is present everywhere. Eckhart Tolle calls it Presence  or the Space. Some others call it consciousness, the soul etc. All these point to one and the same; the space that exists beyond the realm of thoughts, feelings and emotions. 


Countless mystics and spiritual leaders have shed light into the ways to access The Sacred. The Search joins this never-ceasing effort of the humanity to heal and transform the individual and collective wounds. 

Desire to access this Sacred has been a constant companion of human kind. It has resorted to art, spirituality, psychology, philosophy etc. inorder to get a glimpse of this Sacred. 

The truth has always been known. The Sacred is readily available to all 'here and now'. It is not something to be 'achieved' with some hardwork and austerity. It is to be realized here and now, and it is immanent in every creation.