At every moment of our life, depending on the quality of our consciousness, thoughts and emotions, we are joining forces. We are either on the side of creativity and healing or we are on the other side of hurting.

One of the significant and useful questions that we can ask ourselves today is ‘what am I bringing to the world now?

As long as we are breathing, we are participating. Even if we are inactive and decide to confine ourselves within the basement, we are still participating in the affairs of this world. Our life still matters. If the quality of our thoughts and emotions is creative, then our presence radiates positivity bringing a healing touch wherever we go. With every breath we breath out in the world, we are transmitting the energy that we have within us. If our internal life is messed up and if we are carrying around a truck load of hurt, anger and resentment (pain bodies as Echkart Tolle calls it), then we are spreading discomfort and pain in and around us.

Nobody escapes from participating in the evolutionary process of this universe. It is just that we all bring varying degrees of energy into it. 

With all that is happening around us in the world today, it is very clear that we need more people with clear consciousness to lead the process of healing in our communities, countries and around the world. As one global family, we are hurting. So, today all of us can make that decision, a decision that will define the future that we are shaping. We can decide to commit ourselves to be on the side of creativity and healing, thereby transforming our presence to bring hope, healing and joy around. We could be anywhere, be in the bus, in the mall, at our workplace, at home with our two-year-old – wherever we are we can be an instrument of peace and love.  And that is what the world needs it today, very badly.