In the grand symphony of this world, every note has its place.  


The existing structure in the world today, including our communities and workplaces, is like a makeshift stage for concerts. A selected few have been having a lot of fun on this stage. The rest were lost among the audience where their songs were drowned against the backdrop of loud and thunderous noise from the stage. Of course, the selected few ‘singers’ on the stage have all the power, privilege and resources to amplify their voices and drown others’ with all the necessary reinforcements. 

Fortunately cracks in this makeshift platform are slowly getting exposed. We are learning the hard lesson that the current world model is not sustainable. We have built a world where the values of competition, success, fame etc. became the guiding star showing us the way of being in the world. We have been taught and conditioned to be competitive, assertive and charismatic to ‘get ahead’. We live our life as if we are at war with it; we want to achieve, consume and conquer. Worst of all, we have been conditioned to look at everything in our life, including the most intimate relationships, either as a steppingstone or as a stumbling block in our path.

However, this structure is falling apart. A few among us knew it and they warned us. But we did not want to listen to them, and they were conveniently silenced.

When we look at this universe including the galaxies, planets and all the living beings, it is evident that everything is sustained on the principles and values of cooperation, interconnectedness, reciprocity etc. Why on earth did we, the human beings, think that we were an exception to this?

Today, we have a choice to make; either we can strive to maintain the falling structure or we can facilitate the process of building a different platform – a platform built on the principles of inclusion, equity, cooperation, mutual respect etc. Make no mistake, this process of rebirthing is a painful one, the one which we all are experiencing right now.

This world being the grand stage for a musical concert, let us play every song. Not just the song of the few. In this way, our world becomes a place where all notes are put together to make a melodious symphony.