Good Friday 2021

I am a Catholic, and I have been reminded to celebrate Good Friday every year. This year, I gave some thought to it as trial for the death of George Floyd has been happening at the same time. Contrary to what I have been taught, I now believe that Good Friday is an everyday living reality. To me Good Friday is a sobering reminder that whenever the marginalised, the oppressed and those sidelined from the mainstream society raise their voice to regain and preserve their inherent dignity, they are meticulously suppressed. Good Friday occurred because those with power and privilege decided to kill someone who spoke and lived for the marginalised.

Dear friends, Good Friday is not just a historical event - something that happened a couple of thousands ago. It is an ongoing reality happening right in our workplaces, households, interpersonal relationships, communities etc. Whenever we use any form of privilege to deny another human being of their dignity, it is a Good Friday. The knee that killed George Floyd epitomises the power, privilege and a sense of impunity that a few seem to enjoy in the world.

The big knee – in the form of racism, violence against women and minorities, child abuse, sexism etc – is still stifling the lives of millions.