Discover The Sacred


Life is challenging; be it those coming from workplaces, relationships or from the world at large. Having a healthy ‘container’ is helpful, in fact a necessary component, to embrace all these challenges and unexpected setbacks. ‘Discovering The Sacred' is for anyone looking to develop this healthy ‘container’ in life.


What can you expect?

  1. Discovering The Sacred as Our Essential Identity: We are not sum total of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and experiences. We critically look at our deeply held perceptions of who we are.

  2. Exploring Transformational Power of Challenges: Though painful, every challenge provides an opportunity to shed our illusions and be closer to our essential identity.

  3. Moving from Reaction to Response: Instead of responding to life as it unfolds in the moment, often we find ourselves reacting to everything.  These reactions are conditioned by our past experiences. We explore these reactive patterns and expand our capacity to respond.

  4. Reaffirming the Fundamental Values: Exploring the values of Forgiveness, Letting Go and Authentic Surrender as tools for a prosperous life and enriching relationships.

  5. Weeds In the Garden: How do we deal with the negative thoughts and reactive patterns that prevent flowers of happiness and joy from blooming in our garden of life?