Falling in Love with Life, over and over

Life is certainly a mixed bag - with joy and sadness, gain and loss, union and separation - all taking their turns to visit us, at times when we least expect them. Therefore, it is hard to wish everyone with a blanket ‘Happy New Year’

The year 2020 was hard for almost of all of us. But, some of us took a harder hit with a loss, hurt or pain; be it the loss of someone close, a pet, finance, relationship, friends and health... They might be struggling to put the pieces together to keep moving in life. To them, let us send our prayers and support that they find strength and encouragement to fall in love with life again.

Both individually and collectively, we have so much to complain about the year 2020. Let 2021 be an year for us to fall in love with life over and over, despite the setbacks and heartbreaks that 2020 brought to our lives.