Dear friend,
Thank you for visiting my site.
Like many of you, I too am on this relentless search for something that would make me happy and bring fulfillment to my life. This unending desire has led me to explore different things; reading, travelling, journaling etc. There are times I feel that 'I got this', but it will not be too long before I am brought down to my knees. 
In this website, I share my reflections, the lessons that learnt and the perspectives that I gained during my search. I started this not because I am a spiritual guru, nor because I have some moral or ethical superiority to claim that 'I have made it'. But, I am here to join you all as a fellow passenger in this search. Travelling together is always rewarding as it helps us to share the joy and excitement of exploring new landscapes. At the same time, it also helps us to absorb the surprise shocks and setbacks that we might come across on the way.
So, thank you for being here. Let us ride together. This search is about find healing for the things that we endured, to transform ourselves to be better human beings and to become whole.